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‘Peanuts’ CD + T-shirt + Hat Bundle

‘Peanuts’ CD + T-shirt + Hat Bundle

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PEANUTS | Black T-shirt (Size)

Picture this, you’re in the car, windows down, it’s 26 degrees and there’s a cool breeze, your cap makes you look like you could be a movie star, your T-shirt says to people I’m a cool bloke not a regular bloke, roads? Where we’re going you don’t need roads.

This bundle features:

  • The new album ‘Peanuts’ on CD
  • ‘Peanuts’ tee - Black with white print – choose your size from S to 2XL
  • Peanuts’ cap – vintage black with yellow embroidery


01 – Big Machine
02 – Names Of Plants and Animals
03 – No One
04 – That’s Life
05 – Oars
06 – No Worries If Not
07 – Strut
08 – Nitrogen
09 – S.U.R.V.I.V.E
10 – On Loss and Overcoming Despair
11 – Top Level Joy

This is a pre order and will be released on 7th June

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